vid "Hedlunds mekaniska"

Hostels in Småland

Småland is a lovely province in southern Sweden with a long coastline on the Baltic Sea. When you drive through Småland, you can take the time to stop and look at some of the many runic inscriptions that are to be seen along the roads. Småland is an idyllic landscape for small hostels and for enjoying what nature has to offer. For example, there are 67 registered ancient castles and ruins to visit.

There is no shortage of outdoor activities. Explore bike trails, hiking trails, exciting high rope courses in trees, or visit an untouched virgin forest in the Northern Kvills National Park. Wherever you end up, you can take a breather in one of Småland's cosy hostels. Feel at home even in the midst of your adventure, or stay in a mansion with delicious food.

Why should you stay at a hostel in Småland?

If you are on a road trip through southern Sweden, it is likely that you will pass through Småland. Do not rush straight through, but instead take the opportunity to stay a few nights during the trip. Småland offers plenty to see and do. Visit current exhibitions, the famous matchstick museum or old impressive churches. Stay at mansions that have been converted into hostels, a large red cottage in the archipelago or an old school. Make the evenings and nights as memorable as the day's experiences.