Hostels in Skåne

Scania, known in Swedish as Skåne, with its open countryside and many beautiful farms, offers wonderful summer holidays. However, Scania also offers activities all year round. The Öresund region is the gateway to Europe. Here is a good starting point for a road trip around Europe or a shorter day trip. Staying in a hostel in either Helsingborg or Malmö, you have two good starting points for your travels.

When is it best to visit Skåne?

We recommend visiting Österlen (the eastern side of the region) when spring flowers bloom or in the autumn during the harvest. As many visitors experience each year, these are wonderful times for both body and soul. We can help you find the right hostel to make your experience even better. Here you can take the time to hike in the countryside, eat good food and discover small art exhibitions and workshops. Scania is sometimes referred to as the Tuscany of Sweden - there are many small farm shops with artisanal food, along with several local winemakers. Scania is clearly a destination for lovers of life, with good food and drink and harmony with nature. Find accommodation close to your favourite spots.

Do not forget all the sights along the way! This includes old mills and guided tours of stately castles and old churches. In the summertime, Scania offers a variety of festivals, concerts and theatre. If you visit Scania in summer you can take the opportunity to go for a dip at one of Sweden's best beaches.

Welcome to Skåne!