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Hostels in Östergötland

The beach center at Varamobaden is a paradise for outdoor activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboards and rock face climbing. Play golf next to the Göta canal’s peaceful atmosphere, or rent a bicycle to explore the canal for yourself. Visit the canal and boat bridge via bridges, locks and aqueducts. All roads in Östergötland lead to adventure. You will also find horse riding, along with relaxing spa experiences. Of course, you also need accommodation for a night's rest. Östergötland has much to offer, so be sure to be well-rested for the next day's adventures!

What is there for the family to do in Östergötland?

For animal lovers and families with children, the Kolmården Zoo is the obvious stop on a journey through Östergötland. Here you can also stay overnight, in order to get the most out of the zoo's offers and attractions. Here you can see wild animals from the jungle and savannahs up close thanks to exciting safaris in the new cable car. The most popular attraction is the Kolmården dolphins, who make the audience cheer with delight! The dolphin show is world class and is shown several times a day. Near the border between Småland and Östergötland you will find Vimmerby, where Astrid Lindgren's World is waiting to be discovered. Here the whole family can experience her tales for real. Take time to explore this province and be sure to book a good hostel to rest up during the journey. Many impressions and experiences await!