Hostels in Gotland

Gotland is an island in the Baltic Sea, which is about 100 km away from the Swedish mainland. Gotland, together with the nearby islands, is also a province and municipality. The island receives the most visitors during the summer, which is when tourism and everything else on Gotland comes to life. Visby, which is the only major city on the island, has a lot going on during the summer, including Almedal Week, which is Sweden's biggest event and discussion forum within the political and business world every year. Medieval Week is another annual event that attracts tourists from all over Europe. The easiest way to get to Gotland is by ferry, but flying is also convenient for those who suffer from seasickness. Thanks to its isolated location, the landscape and nature on Gotland is quite different to the rest of Sweden. This can give Swedish visitors a feeling of being abroad in the summer, especially due to the well-known rock formations called sea stacks. Gotland offers a unique environment, culture and hostels.

What sort of hostels are there on Gotland?

Summer is when everyone thinks about camping. Gotland is perfect for all kinds of camping. This summer destination, which is number one for many Swedes, offers all kinds of cottages and hostels near the beach and sea. You could even check out the nearby small islands, such as Fårö, where you can also find holiday accommodation.