Hostels in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the heart of the West Coast and is also known as "Little London". Here you will find Scandinavia's largest amusement park: Liseberg, which offers memorable experiences for both young and old. Liseberg is the most visited attraction in the whole of Sweden. Gothenburg has a broad cultural life with an annual book fair and film festival that capture visitors' interest every year. Gothenburg Harbour, which is the largest port in the Nordic Countries, is a hub which handles the large majority of Swedish foreign trade. Four bridges connect the city with the island of Hisingen, which can be seen when arriving to Gothenburg by sea. Speaking of water - the Göta canal begins in Gothenburg. The perfect stop on a road trip in and around the Gothenburg area. As Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg has an extremely wide range of restaurants, bars and nightlife, as well as amazing hostels in all categories.

What sort of hostels can you find in Gothenburg?

With us you will find everything from budget accommodations in greener areas just outside central Gothenburg, to spectacular places associated with Liseberg. Take the whole family on an unforgettable summer adventure to Liseberg and everything else that Gothenburg has to offer!