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Hostels in Dalarna

Dalarna is the region where you will find Sweden's Dalesmen and women. This tradition-filled part of Sweden has much to offer in both winter and summertime. As Europe's largest winter destination, it offers activities such as skiing in Borlange, The Vasaloppet (an annual long-distance cross-country skiing race) which finishes in the town of Mora, and a host of other attractions and activities. In summer, if you are athletically inclined, you can enter the Vansbrosimmet, which is an open water swimming competition held in Vansbro, or go walking in the mountains. Experience a classic Midsummer in the countryside! Dalarna is located in central Sweden and is quite simply one of the heartlands of Sweden. Dalarna’s many sides and local gems can also be experienced while staying at one of the many different hostels. It is easy to find a nearby hostel for your coming visit.

What sort of hostels are there in Dalarna?

The question is what kind of hostel you are looking for. With numerous options, you can find something in every price range. If you would like to wake up to the sound of a river, sleep in old, re-fitted train carriages, or see how it is to live in an old prison, then you have found the right region. Dalarna offers experiences for the whole family or for a group of friends.

We look forward to your visit!"