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Hostels in Bohuslän

Bohuslän is as far west as you can go in Sweden. Located on the Skagerrak Strait, it is on the border with Norway. This province is known for great fishing, expanses of bare rock and refreshing sea bathing. In Bohuslän you'll find as many as 20,000 ancient relics and ruins to explore. Bohuslän offers its visitors a beautiful archipelago which could be straight from the set of a movie. If you are lucky, you will see the region’s official animal emblem, which is the harbour seal, out at sea when you take a trip out to the archipelago. All the small islands on the coast belong to the Bohuslän archipelago, also known as the Bohus coast, which is Sweden's most visited tourist destination. The region got its name from the Bohus fortress, which is a popular attraction for summer visitors today. Find a hostel in Bohuslän with us. With our wide range, you will find what suits you. Stay as close as you can get to your next destination.

What sort of hostels are there?

Old schools, mansions and locations right on the coast. There is no shortage of peaceful or lively places. With us you will find the accommodation of your dreams for the summer. Welcome to Bohuslän - the area where the cliffs meet the sea.