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Hostels on Öland

No matter what you will visit on Öland in the summer, a bike is the best mode of transport. Öland's open landscapes and biking trails offer a perfect cycling holiday. Take your overnight bag and make a stop at an Öland hostel. No need to have your own bike; it's easy and popular to rent bicycles for your expeditions. Walking trails take you across the island of Öland on foot and make the journey into an extraordinary adventure.

With many charming and cosy guest houses, you can stroll and enjoy your daily ice-cream while listening to seagulls shriek and ferries hum. Take in all the summer impressions that Oland has to offer.

Borgholm Castle is a destination which is high on the list of must-dos. Here you can follow the history of the castle and share discoveries that were made within its territory. Upstairs, you can look out over the castle grounds, offering perhaps one of Öland’s best views.

What sort of hostels are there?

Öland offers a rich variety of different types of accommodations. Try camping on the beach in conjunction with popular water sports, check in at a comfortable hotel or stay in a cosy holiday cottage. Match your hostel to your needs and desires for the journey.