Hostels in Malmö

Find a personal, cosy hostel in Malmö. If you cross the Öresund Bridge to Sweden, then Malmö is the first town you come to on the way from Denmark. The bridge connects Sweden and Denmark to form the Öresund region.

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. With Sweden's largest university and approximately 25,000 students, as many as half of Malmö's population are under 35 years, making it a particularly young city. During the summer, Malmö offers free performances, such as theatre, dance and music. Take the opportunity to discover the cultural side of the city, perhaps even combining your trip with a visit to Copenhagen! With the long connecting coastline, you will be close to the sea.

Things to do in Malmö

As a metropolis, Malmö has many nice restaurants and cafes. In the "Möllan" area you will encounter a wide cultural diversity and can enjoy food and shopping from all over the world. Möllan is therefore the cultural mecca in Malmö and is well worth a visit. The advantage of choosing a large city such as Malmö is that you also get the corresponding number of options on hostels. You can easily find something to suit your budget, with the right location in town. Find a cheap and comfortable hostel in Malmö and get ready for your visit! Welcome!