PAYMENT & BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS – applicable to all bookings via SVIF’s online system.


These general terms and conditions apply between Sveriges Vandrarhem i Förening, SVIF, Sveriges Vandrarhem i Förening

EK. för, Box 1112, 405 23 Göteborg, Corporate ID No: 769604-2352, hereinafter referred to as SVIF, and to those persons who make direct or indirect bookings with SVIF, as stated in the booking confirmation. The agreement can apply to accommodation, transport, the purchase of other products and services or a combination of these.

Who is responsible and what happens if something goes wrong?
Responsibility for the product, room, cabin or caravan/tent pitch lies with the youth hostel, campsite or holiday village that you booked the accommodation or other/products services with.  Any complaints are to be directed to the accommodation provider. If you fail to give the youth hostel/lessor the opportunity to remedy any faults, you may lose your right to demand compensation afterwards. Contact information about the booked youth hostel, holiday village or campsite can be found on your booking confirmation. SVIF is responsible for the booking system and payments.

When does my booking become binding?
The booking becomes binding to both SVIF and you as soon as it has been confirmed by SVIF and the full amount has been paid within the agreed time. You are to pay the published price for the booking plus or minus any changes in taxes that have occurred after the programme was printed.

What are the rules if I wish to cancel?
Log in with the user name and password you were given when booking. The user name and password are on the booking confirmation you received by e-mail after booking. The cancellation will be confirmed by email. Please note that repayments to the debited card/account will be made within 3 – 7 working days and are entered on the original date of booking. Non-refundable bookings and tickets to events are not eligible for repayment. If other cancellation terms exist, they will be stated in the Special Terms and Conditions listed below. In the event of cancellation, the following fees apply:

From the date of booking up to 6pm, 2 days prior to arrival: 5% of the total booking
From 6pm, 2 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total booking
No show: 100% of the total booking

Cancellation, amendment, invoice and booking fees are non-refundable

What are the rules if I just want to change something?
It is not possible to make changes to confirmed bookings. If you wish to change something, you must cancel the booking and make a new one. Please contact the accommodation provider before cancelling to check whether they can meet your requirements.

What happens if the accommodation provider and I do not agree?
Tell us about any complaints ( If we are unable to come to an agreement, you can contact

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (the National Board for Consumer Complaints), which consists of an impartial chairman and representatives from tour operators and consumers. Their address is: Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm

As booking agent, we are obliged to ensure that:

  • You receive written confirmation of your booking in good time.
  • The services you purchased match their descriptions. We are not responsible for any promises made by the owner or his/her contact person directly to you without our knowledge and which we were not aware of. (If you have come to an agreement about something that is not covered by the operator’s agreement, make sure that you obtain it in writing and signed by the owner or contact person).
  • You are informed of any important changes that affect your booking.
  • You have access to the room/cabin/apartment from the time agreed with the youth hostel/hotel/host.

What are my obligations?

  • You must check the booking confirmation as soon as you receive it. Any errors must be notified immediately. Promises of significant importance that are made by bookings staff should be noted in the confirmation in order to be cited.
  • You must follow the regulations, instructions and stipulations that apply to the room, cabin, apartment, means of transport etc. NB! You are personally responsible for all damage to the room, cabin, apartment, means of transport etc. and their contents that occurs through the negligence of you or someone in your party.
  • You may not use the room/cabin/apartment for any other purpose than what was agreed at the time of booking (normally recreational purposes) and you may not allow more persons to spend the night in the room, cabin, apartment or its grounds than you stated upon booking. All persons should be named when booking.
  • At the time of booking, you must state whether you suffer from any allergies or have specific requirements, in order to give the lessor the chance to find you suitable accommodation. We cannot, however, guarantee that there has not been a pet/smoking on the property a short time before you are given access to it. You may be charged an extra fee afterwards should you not follow regulations regarding pets and smoking.

The accommodation provider’s rights

  • Should the lessor receive any complaints regarding disturbing behaviour and the tenant does not instantly rectify such behaviour, the lessor has the right to evict the tenant immediately.
  • The same regulations also apply when there are more persons on the property than agreed when booking. In both of the above cases, tenants are not entitled to refunds for the outstanding rental period. You are, however, obliged to compensate the accommodation provider for any costs that have arisen from the above mentioned.

Should you have any complaints about the property, you must first contact the accommodation provider so that any problems can be resolved during your stay.


Please note that the different hostels may have different check-in and check-out times. Please contact the hostel you have booked for information on their check-in and check-out times. In most cases, you will need to inform the hostel if you wish to arrive later than 6pm. The accommodation price does not, unless otherwise stated, include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cots, high chairs etc. Remember to take everything with you that you will need during your stay!


By paying, you are agreeing to personal data being used by SVIF. The aim of this is to facilitate customary guest administration procedures, to ensure that SVIF has access to reliable documentation in case of any emergencies and to meet the conditions of cancellation policies and to administer and handle potential damage. The information may also be used to inform of you insurance and payment related services and travel offers. You may also be contacted for marketing purposes.


Minimum age for booking
In order to book/enter into an agreement with us, you must be at least 18 years old. In the event of booking accommodation for larger parties, at least two persons shall be aged 18 or over, unless a higher minimum age is required by an accommodation provider. Identification may be required upon arrival. Meeting the minimum age requirement is necessary in order to be given access to the accommodation. In the case of larger events, other minimum ages may apply. Information about this will be provided when making the booking.

Terms for transferring your booking
You can transfer your booking prior to the arrival day. The lessor/youth hostel must, however, be notified of the transference.

Booking fees, late payment interest
No booking fees are charged on bookings via the Internet. Bookings may be cancelled in the event of late payments.

Force Majeure
In the event that the booking cannot be honoured as a result of obstacles outside the operator’s control and which the operator could not be expected to have foreseen when the agreement was entered into or have reasonably avoided or overcome, the operator is free from liability to pay damages or other penalties. The same applies even if the cancellation is owing to a party engaged by the operator or a party involved at an earlier stage of the process.

We assume no liability for legislative and price changes that are outside our control.


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