Hostels give you money over

Staying at a hostel will give you money over for other things. And to cap it all, there are hostels at all sorts of unexpected places!


Sleep well at SVIF

Full service with breakfast, cleaning and made-up beds or self-catering. You rent a room of your own but usually share toilets and showers with others.


A pillow for everyone!

Accommodation in the city, the mountains or somewhere in between, everyone is welcome at our 150+ affiliated hostels.


Sandy beaches in south

The beaches are long and sandy on the coastline och Skåne or if you prefer lakes, there is lots of them in the countryside of Småland.

Skåne and Småland >>>


Fishing and feel the freedom

Feel the nature early in the morning or late night and go with the flow, the weather and feel the nature. Show the nature respect and you will have much for free.

Hostels close to fishing


Nothern light

It is natural but in the same time overnatural – an extraordinary experience.

Hostel North Norrland


Stockholm capital of Sweden

In Stockholm you find the royal family, activities for children and audults, shopping and museum such as ABBA-museum. It is a big city in a small area.

Accomodation Stockholm